BIG Benefits & HR Services Inc.

BIG Benefits & HR Services Inc., is a joint venture between SEB and the Business Improvement Group (BIG), whose vision is to assist organizations in improving the health and performance of their working population, and transforming how Benefit and HR services are delivered, namely more wisely, with clear solutions and transparency.

Their Award Winning team of experts consistently delivers strategic solutions, even in the most challenging environments, by providing the most flexible and relevant plan designs available in the group benefits industry. BIG Benefits & HR Services is uniquely qualified to simplify complex business issues confronting HR and business leaders today.

Additionally, the Operating Shareholders have extensive public speaking experience and have published numerous articles on Employee Benefits topics. As such, BIG Benefits & HR Services Inc. will provide SEB’s Benefits Division with the industry knowledge and expertise to help organizations optimize and simplify their benefits and healthcare program management, while offering personalized, cost-effective options to clients’ employees through their BIG Benefits: WiseChoices solution. WiseChoices: Smart Business.

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