About Inforica

The Inforica Group is a Mississauga, Ontario based company that has been in operation for over a decade.  It includes:

  • Software Vendor Partnerships that include valuable reseller, ISV, Systems Integrator partnerships that have been put in place and developed for the past decade. Following is a list of the key partnerships:
    • Microsoft: Inforica has a strong partnership with Microsoft that has grown over the past few years and covers the following Microsoft Gold & Silver Competencies – Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Application Development, Office 365 and Data Platform. Inforica also has an ISV Royalty agreement in place with Microsoft.
    • Interactive Intelligence: a Global provider of contact center automation, unified communications, and business process automation software and services for mid-size to large organizations.
    • TimeXtender: a Global provider of metadata driven and agile Data Warehousing and ETL software dedicated to the Microsoft SQL platform.
    • PNMSoft: provides Business Process Management Software solutions to businesses and organizations worldwide.
  • India Development Office (approximately 45 employees) with significant ability to scale and provide various services including software development and support, business process outsourcing, call center & telemarketing services, conducting business both locally in India, the Middle East and North America. India resources are also brought to Canada to work on select projects where skill sets are difficult to source in Canada.
  • Dubai (free zone company) operations with extensive business relationships in the area. There are significant opportunities for providing technology to TPAs, Insurers, and hospitals. OMAN Insurance is the largest installation of SEB adjudication software (1.2 version). There are many potential applications of SEB’s software platform in the UAE and surrounding Middle East Region. The governments in that region mandate health benefits for all employees. Inforica has strong relationships with senior executives who are primarily responsible for many Insurer and TPA clients in the area.

SEB Group companies can leverage these software vendor partnerships to gain access to expertise, early software release programs, partner support channels and software licenses at discounted prices for partners, to be able to deliver competitive solutions to their customers.

  • Client Relationships Inforica has many very strong client relationships.
  • Energy Management Software and Business Process Solutions that help companies measure, analyze, manage and save on their energy consumption and costs. This comes with key client relationships, and is a strong strategic fit with QLogitek’s supply chain platform. The value of Inforica Energy is primarily a very profitable software and business process services arm with an excellent client list. Inforica’s software-as-a-service Energy Information Management solution runs on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and integrates seamlessly with multiple Sub-metering and Building Systems using a gateway developed by Inforica. The business process services are transaction based and are delivered in a cost effective, smart-sourced, onshore-offshore model using resources in Canada and India. This flexible infrastructure can easily be adapted to handle healthcare transactions. Capability within this infrastructure creates very cost effective solutions for supporting SEB healthcare clients.
  • References for RFP submissions. References are critical to winning new business both with governments and in the corporate sector. Inforica Group have many key references which allow SEB, SOMOS and QLogitek to qualify for more bidding categories on federal and provincial government opportunities. SEB’s healthcare solutions have significant application within both provincial and federal governments where references are required to bid on the projects.
  • Expanding QLogitek capabilities. Inforica adds significant depth and expertise to QLogitek and provides QLogitek the ability to scale and take on new projects without adding to the fixed cost structure. This allows QLogitek to enhance services to its existing client base and to provide cost effective new services.