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Meschino Health and Wellness Inc. is a content rich integrated technology platform with a fully automated analytical and delivery environment that provides the platform for Employees/Plan Members and Employers/Plan Sponsors to obtain, analyze and manage the information they require to be proactive in managing the Employee/Plan Member’s health.

Meschino Health and Wellness Inc (“MHW”) is a division of SEB focused on delivering proprietary, high automated, user friendly and high value added Health and Wellness Solutions to an employee group benefit target market.  The Meschino Health and Wellness Technology Platform is a content rich, automated technology environment delivering targeted personalized analytics and content that allows both the “Employers and Plan Sponsors” and “Employees and Plan Members” to engage in programs designed to improve the health of “Employees and Plan Members” on a sustainable basis.  Key principles underlying the platform include:

1.      You can only manage what you can measure.

The platform is “content rich” with a unique capability to gather, analyze and sliver health and wellness information on a “personalized basis”.

2.     “Prevention” is more cost efficient then “Curing”

Drug costs have increased over 105% since 2001 for group benefit plans.  Environments that are proactive in introducing “Health and Wellness Solutions” as a “Prevention Strategy” have enjoyed significant returns on investment.