Value to SEB

Health costs are growing exponentially and becoming an increasing burden for both employer health plans and government funded health programs.  There is extensive fact based evidence that  demonstrates conclusively that health and wellness programs, if adopted by the individual, will have a significant positive impact on most major health conditions.

SEB, as a value added solution to its clients, assisted Dr. Meschino in creating a Health and Wellness Platform that has two objectives:

  1. To provide on-going evidence-based information that enables individuals to develop a “Personal Health and Lifestyle Strategy” with incentives to help them be proactive in implementing that strategy.
  2. To provide on-going evidence-based information that enables employers and plan sponsors to more effectively deploy their health benefit dollars to improve the health and welfare of their employees and plan members; with the overall objective of having a more competitive workforce.

The  “Meschino Health and Wellness Platform” is a fully-integrated Health and Wellness Solution that can be the “Core” of the Health and Wellness Initiatives of every organization.  Key features of the platform include:

  • An automated Health Assessment and Analysis environment specifically focused on the “Wellness of the Individual”.
  • Unique architecture allows the added benefit of an automated “Employer Wellness Assessment”.
  • Extensive content including news articles, published articles, books, blogs, online videos, emails, webinars, lectures, etc. where detailed “personally relevant” information is delivered in real time to an individual in their own “Personal Wellness Wallet”, from which the individual’s “Personal Wellness Strategy” is managed.
  • The only Wellness Environment with an Integrated Rewards Platform to motivate individual wellness behaviour, focused specifically on the “Personal Wellness Strategy.”
  • The only Wellness Environment that automatically updates and where, as individuals evolve their Personal Health Assessment, results are integrated and fully accessible in real time.