About Meschino Health & Wellness

In 2008, Dr. Meschino created the online Meschino Health.Assessment, also commonly referred to as the Nutrition, Lifestyle and Anti-Aging Assessment (NLA). Dr. Meschino created the assessment after numerous readers of his book “The Meschino Optimal living Program – Seven Steps To A Healthy, Fit, Age-Resistant Body” requested a method to measure their current status and track their improvement over time. The assessment incorporates specific data relating to age, gender, dietary patterns, signs and symptoms of nutrient deficiencies along with lifestyle factors that could be contributing to a person’s nutrient deficiency. The assessment platform also takes into consideration current health and past health conditions, and family medical history. This wellness assessment provides a blueprint for individuals to understand, design and implement individualized health plans where they can take ownership and manage their own health initiatives and objectives. In addition, the Wellness Assessment will be married with a comprehensive rewards environment which adds additional incentives for the individual to adhere to the health plans evolving from the Wellness Assessment.

Meschino’s “Wellness Solutions” are unique in both their rich content and the high level of automation which allows very low cost delivery to the employee. This will allow every benefit plan, whether it is a small company plan or large company plan, to implement a high value added, very cost effective wellness platform.

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