About SEB Administrative Services

An SEB company

SEB Administrative Services division is focused on two primary target markets in Canada – employee group health benefits which exceed $37.0 billion annually and government funded health benefits (federal and provincial) which are in excess of $25.0 billion. SEB’s technology platform is easily adaptable to managing the end-to-end business processes in both environments. Of the $60.0 plus billion market in Canada, the employee group health benefits portion of the market has grown over 80% in the past decade.

SEB Administrative Services business growth strategy for developing and administering the benefits business has the following components:

  • Maintaining the leading technology platform for managing group benefit solutions and health claims processing environments. This includes developing unique benefit solutions made possible by the technology platform.
  • Acquiring and making investments in existing benefit administration businesses and technology companies serving the corporate and government markets with the objective of expanding SEB’s health benefit processing footprint across Canada.
  • Transitioning to the SEB technology environment the benefits-processing (administration, claims-adjudication and reporting) currently outsourced by the acquired businesses to third parties.
  • Developing a significant footprint in managing federal and provincial government health benefit programs.

SEB’s technology platform manages the total business processing services for group benefit solutions and health claims processing on one fully-integrated technology environment. The SEB technology platform is open architecture, rules based and modular, and allows clients to utilize either a fully integrated solution or modules. SES Benefits real time “rules-based adjudication” environment is very unique, and when combined with the fully-integrated Administration, Payment Processing, Billing and Reporting modules, will provide very sophisticated and highly competitive solutions to the marketplace, both in Canada and globally. SEB Administrative Services can administer, adjudicate and report for all benefit types in one fully integrated environment. Rules creation is an administrative, not a programming exercise. Highly customized and flexible processing solutions can be created easily and cost effectively. Reporting is the most detailed in the industry with self-serve functionality including real time access to standard reports and data mining capabilities for customized reports. The largest current implementation of the SEB Adjudication Environment is a large Insurer in the UAE.

The Benefits division of SEB focuses on supporting unique benefit solutions and services through modern technology. The immediate opportunity for SEB Administrative Services is to increase the capture and retention of revenue by providing fully integrated services and solutions, currently being outsourced by Brokers/Consultants, TPAs and Insurers to third parties.  The technology environment also allows SEB to support and participate in multiple group benefit revenue models.