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SEB’s Technology Platform Provides the Most Flexible Automated Plan Designs in the Benefits Industry. Key features include:

  • Adjudication of health benefit claims on a detailed individual level, unique in the health claims processing industry.
  • Rules Based Adjudication in one technology environment for all benefit types versus the industry norm of multiple environments.
  • A fully integrated technology environment that is the most automated in the industry and is able to implement and adjudicate the most detailed and flexible benefit plans in the industry.
  • Administration software that is seamlessly integrated with adjudication, payment processing and reporting.  Enhances efficiency for all users. Unique in the industry.  Can be deployed as a module.
  • Reporting is the most detailed in the industry and the only platform with  self service functionality including real time access to standard reports and data mining capability for customized reports.

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SEB’s rules based platform allows trained administrators, not programmers to create and implement new rules without the rigors of typical software development.

SEB’s Rules Engine is separate from the Adjudication Processing Engine.  All other Adjudication Processing Engines incorporate these rules directly into the Adjudication Processing Engine which significantly reduces the flexibility to automate the processing of complex benefit environments.