Value to SEB – Stroma

John McKimm, President and CEO of SEB states: “A key component of SEB’s growth strategy in 2013 is acquisitions. We continue to focus on acquisitions with three objectives: (1) the acquisition of key client and vendor relationships in both government and corporate sectors, (2) the acquisition of unique technologies and expertise that enhance SEB’s technology solutions and delivery of services to select initiatives, particularly in healthcare, and (3) expediting the path to consolidated profitability while expanding a strong base of clients and sales to launch organic growth initiatives.”

Adam Jasek, EVP Acquisitions for SEB and President of SOMOS states: “Stroma’s deep ITIL experience and stellar references adds to our growing Canadian presence, particularly in Ottawa and Toronto.  This acquisition is in line with our focus on deepening client relationships in government and healthcare. Stroma has a history of profitability and brings unique expertise that adds to the suite of solutions and services that enhance SEB’s healthcare and SOMOS technology offerings to corporate and government sectors.  Stroma client references significantly enhance the SEB group’s ability to respond to business opportunities.”

Mark Sherry, CFO of Stroma states, “We have worked with John McKimm for almost ten years on various joint ventures and sales opportunities.  During the past year, SOMOS and Stroma have participated successfully as joint venture partners in several outsourcing initiatives, one in particular with Department of Health in Ottawa.  In addition, we are co-bidding on a number of other government projects, including a major e-health initiative in Western Canada.  John and Adam know our business well and understand the unique expertise and references Stroma brings to the SEB infrastructure.  Joining forces with SOMOS and the SEB group of companies will significantly enhance Stroma’s ability to drive new business opportunities.”