What Makes SEB Unique?



SEB’s executive management team has significant experience in technology.  Prior to founding SEB, it conducted extensive research on the group benefits and health claims processing industry.  The team concluded that the technology deployed in the health claims processing environment was archaic and fragmented.  The industry did not engage in innovation in key areas, particularly in the adjudication of health benefit claims.

It was based upon this reality that SEB acquired a very unique “rules based adjudication platform” and undertook the task of creating a fully-integrated and automated administration – claims paying – reporting environment around this adjudication platform.  The objective was the development of a very unique fully-integrated technology platform that can be used per its modules or as a fully-integrated system.

What’s more? TPAs typically have minimal technology. SEB is a unique TPA that owns a “fully-integrated client administration – adjudication – claims paying – reporting technology platform”, which manage all of the business processes between clients, brokers, consultants, insurers, other TPAs and various technology providers.  This technology platform manages among the most comprehensive, customizable and flexible benefit services and solutions in the industry, all in one technology environment.

The SEB fully-integrated environment is open architecture, rules based and modular.  Trained administrators, not programmers, can create new rules quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. If you can describe the rule in words, it can be immediately created and integrated into the benefits plan design and adjudicated.  The platform is modular, allowing clients to utilize SEB’s fully-integrated solution or to use modules.

SEB’s technology solutions allow highly flexible plan designs, more cost effectively and efficiently than any other system available in the market today.  SEB also has the ability to provide highly customized, fully-hosted PCI compliant administration – adjudication – claims paying – reporting environments, on an individual client basis.



The leadership team at SEB, including Management and Directors, has a very successful track record across many industry sectors.  They are well known in the business, technology, investment, insurance, government and healthcare communities.

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SEB’s acquisitions have immediate synergies.  Clients are typically paying third party service providers for services SEB’s technology platform can manage more efficiently and cost effectively while providing significantly enhanced services and solutions.  Transitioning these outsourced services to the SEB environment provides immediate revenue enhancement benefit.