Fiscal 2015 Announcements
 Nov 2, 2015 – SEB Closes First Tranche of $4.0 Million Equity Private Placement

September 8, 2015 – SEB Launches SEB Analytics to Add Predictive Modeling and Analytics Capabilities to its Suite of Offerings

June 11, 2015 – SEB Announces Agreement to Acquire Maplesoft Group Inc.

 March 10, 2015 – SEB Closes $8,775,000 of New Senior Credit Facilities

March 6, 2015 – SEB Completes Acquisition of Paradigm Consulting Group Inc. and PCGI Consulting Services Partnership … Consolidates SEB’s Presence in Western Canada

February 11, 2015 – SEB Closes “SEB Benefits & HR Consulting Inc.” Investment

 December 19, 2014-SEB  Sells EDI Business to DiCentral and Forms Strategic Partnership

Fiscal 2014 Announcements
 November 6, 2014-SEB Closes Second Tranche of Equity Financings

 November 4, 2014-SEB Acquires 50% of Banyan and Adds Disability Management Expertise

 October 29, 2014-SEB Closes First Tranche of Equity Financings

 October 21, 2014-SEB Announces Update to Financings

 October 15, 2014- SEB Announces Technology Partnership and Integration With Sapphire Digital Health Solutions Inc.

 October 1, 2014-SEB Announces $3.5 Million Financing

 September 11, 2014-SEB  Announces Technology Partnership with SecureKey

 August 27, 2014-SEB  Launches SEB Benefits & HR Consulting Inc.

 August 26, 2014-SEB  Announces Agreement to Acquire Paradigm Consulting Group.  The transaction is expected to close shortly.

 August 20, 2014-SEB Signs LOA to Acquire 50% of Banyan Group.  The transaction is expected to close shortly.

June 11, 2014-SEB closed the acquisition of Stroma Service Consulting Inc.

June 3, 2014-Joseph Iannicelli joins Smart Employee Benefits Board of Directors.

June 2, 2014-SEB raises $2,143,800 of new equity from the conversion of a Convertible Note issued on acquisition and the exercise of warrants.

April 28, 2014-SEB ranked as Canada’s Top Growth Company in the ICT sector by Branham Group.

  March 18, 2014-SEB’s wholly owned subsidiary, Somos Consulting Group Ltd., closed the acquisition of Antian Professional Services Inc.

  March 14, 2014-SEB closed the acquisition of Adeeva Nutritionals Canada Inc. and the Wellness assets and business of Dr. James Meschino Health and Wellness.

   February 12, 2014-SEB closed a $2,000,000 convertible note offering.

Pre Fiscal 2013 Announcements
 November 18, 2013-SEB closed an equity private placement of $500,000; consisting of 1,250,000 units at a purchase price of $0.40 per unit, with each unit consisting of 1 common share of SEB and 1 common share purchase warrant of SEB.

  September 6, 2013-SEB closed a convertible-notes financing of $975,000, of which $840,000 was acquired by a pro-group or insiders of SEB.

 May 14, 2013-SEB closed a convertible-notes financing of $1,025,000, acquired by independent directors of SEB, one of whom is the Chairman.

  May 8, 2013-Ron Barbaro, previously the Lead Director of the Board of Directors was appointed Chairman of the Board. This step transitioned the Chairman position from an inside director to an independent director.

 April 23, 2013-SEB granted 1,219,000 options to 57 key employees within SEB and its subsidiaries and the new director, Christine Hrudka.

  April 1, 2013-Christine Hrudka joined the Board of Directors.

 March 5, 2013-SEB closed the acquisition of the SOMOS Group of Companies.

  February 27, 2013-SEB closed an equity placement of $1,106,000 at $0.35 per unit.

  February 7, 2013-Latiq Qureshi, President and CEO of Logitek, joined the Board of Directors.

 February 7, 2013-SEB closed the acquisition of Logitek Technology Ltd.

  December 2, 2013-SEB closed the acquisition of a 50% interest in the Inforica Group of Companies through its wholly owned subsidiary, Logitek Technology Ltd.

    December 27, 2012-SEB closed a convertible notes financing of $554,000.