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SEB announces technology partnership and integration with Sapphire Digital Health Solutions Inc.

October 15, 2014 - Toronto, ON

Smart Employee Benefits Inc. (“SEB”) (TSX VENTURE:SEB) is a technology company using a SaaS business model to provide “business processes software solutions and services” to corporate and government clients with specialty practices focused on “managing group benefit solutions and health claims processing environments.” SEB is pleased to announce a technology partnership with Sapphire Digital Health Solutions Inc. (“Sapphire”).

MANAGEMENT COMMENTS: States John McKimm, President/CEO/CIO of SEB Inc., “Sapphire’s web enabled personal health records solution is designed by doctors and controlled by patients. Accessing current and past health history is a significant problem for both medical practitioners and patients. Sapphire, with the consent of the patient, collects and consolidates health records including all imaging, in a secure, single file that is available anytime, anywhere through an internet connection. Having real-time access can be extremely valuable in health maintenance and prevention care, emergency treatments, family health management, referrals and second opinions – in person or virtually. SEB views the Sapphire personal health record as an important value add for health benefit clients, and where appropriate, will incorporate Sapphire’s technology solution in all of its health benefit solutions, including benefits administration and adjudication, health and wellness, and disability management. SEB believes the Sapphire solution will be particularly valuable in the areas of disability management and health and wellness.”

States Andrea Matheson, CEO of Sapphire Digital Health Solutions Inc., “SEB health benefit solutions stand out as they are the only benefits technology platform that can administer and adjudicate all benefit types in one environment, versus multiple environments. Additionally, the SEB Group have full service offerings in disability management and health and wellness. We believe that the Sapphire solution will offer additional value across the full suite of solutions offered by SEB and look forward to working with SEB to provide the best technology solutions in the health benefits industry, both corporate and government.”

ABOUT SAPPHIRE: Sapphire’s first-to-market, unique health record system dramatically improves the quality, relevance and timeliness of essential health information. This includes all imaging. It is the power of health information. From routine care to emergency treatment and second opinions, personal health records help doctors make faster, better decisions – anytime, anywhere. Sapphire Digital Health Solutions Inc. is a privately held business based in Waterloo. Developed by Dr. William Plaxton in response to over 15 years of treating acutely ill and injured intensive care unit patients with absent or incomplete medical histories. Sapphire’s personal health record system offers a unique, innovative way to collect, organize, store and share lifetime health histories, including imaging, while protecting client privacy and data integrity.

ABOUT SEB: SEB’s core expertise is managing specialized Big Data environments, of which healthcare and benefits claims processing is a major focus. SEB uses a SaaS business model to provide software solutions and services specializing in managing group benefit solutions and healthcare claims processing environments for corporate and government clients. Health Claims Processing in Canada is a $60.0 plus billion industry, of which over $36.0 billion is employee group benefit plans and over $25.0 billion of other healthcare benefit claims (e. g. workers’ compensation claims, travel benefits, various federal and provincial government programs, dental associations, drug associations, etc.). In the employee group benefits industry, SEB operates as a Third Party Administrator/Third Party Payor and Insurance Brokerage utilizing its software platform to provide “totally hosted PCI compliant supply chain solutions” for managing the complete group benefits business processes between insurers, clients, brokers, consultants, technology service providers and healthcare service providers. In healthcare claims processing, SEB also operates as a systems integrator utilizing its technology platform together with other technologies and specialized practice expertise to provide customized, fully integrated solutions for unique claims environments (e.g. travel claims, student benefits, hospitals, unique government applications etc.). The technology and expertise deployed in this area also allows SEB to provide other related supply chain, systems integration and human resource solutions and services to the same clients. SEB has unique expertise in tying legacy systems data to new systems environments while providing real time integrated access to the legacy systems data.

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